Yoga Classes

About The Teachers:

We are very fortunate to have two very experienced and talented Yoga teachers at Gurukulam - Smt Gayatri Venkateswaran, and Smt. Preeti Bhat.

Gayatri ji have been practicing Pranayama for the past 18 years and Hatha Yoga for the past 3 years. She took her Basic Teacher's training at Integral Yoga from Sri Swami Satchitananda Ashram in India, and completed Intermediate teacher's training from Yogaville, Virginia, USA. She is also certified to teach Yoga for special kids from Sonia Sumar's Institute. Gayatri teaches Yoga classes for kids and adults at various locations including temples, hospitals and gyms as well as private lessons, and conducts Vision training programs.

Preeti ji has trained in Yoga under various Masters all specializing in various forms and traditions. Her final Teacher Certification in Patajali Yoga was under Guru Mata Sneh Gangohotra who heads the Yoga Topics School in Mumbai. She has also done her Reiki Master Certification from Mikao Usai School of Healing based in Ahmedabad and led by Guru Nanak Virlani. Preeti specializes in Yoga for Women and Yoga for children, whether it is pre-natal, post-partum, maturity, bones health, breathing, facial yoga etc. For children ,Preeti under the guidance of her guru has developed and conducted sessions for eyes, bones, height, breathing, concentration and holistic awareness. Preeti also facilitates management and mindfulness courses at various schools, colleges and corporates across India and the USA.

About the Class:

Classes will be held at Austin Hindu Temple on Sundays. Duration of each class is 1 hour.
The tuition is $15 per class.